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The management of Delamere-Pennine Associates decided to include this travel web site linked to our corporate web site based on the results of our market research also at the request of our many clients, especially our business and student visitors, and to create this Global Travel Network.

Our firm has a background associated with the travel industry, which includes the operating and management of two travel agencies in the Cape Town area of South Africa. Also being involved in organizing and sponsoring one of the leading Travel and Tourism Training courses in Southern Africa in partnership with the "Travel Education Training Authority of Southern Africa" (TETASA) now amalgamated with the "Hospitality Industry Training Board"(HITB) of Southern Africa (These organizations were sponsored by the Government of South Africa)

Adapting to the dramatic changes taking place in the travel industry, which is becoming the major user of the Internet and online services, Delamere-Pennine Associates launched this site in 1995.

Our team is dedicated to undertaking ongoing research related to travel, tourism and supporting services and will endeavor to include on our pages only tried and tested service providers. Our firm is not owned or controlled by any of the companies we recommend therefore our highlighted service providers or merchants are totally without vested interests or bias.

Our travel website provides the consumer with recommended sources for air tickets at discount prices, car hire companies, hotel prices including special offers, leisure travel and tours related to major travel destinations, such as the Middle East, Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, the Far East and the Americas.

As a special service to our site visitors we also include the latest news and information on education and training for the travel and tourism industry, student travel bargains, immigration procedures and resouces, insurances for travel, plus any related topics or services we feel will enlighten the discerning traveler. Visit our new web site, Delamere Immigration Services that handles work permits, visas, citizenship, latest immigration updates and immigration resources.

If you would like any related topics or features included in these pages, feel free to contact us with your suggestions.

Delamere Travel is a division of Delamere-Pennine Associates, and if you would like to read more information about the services, facilities and initiatives of Delamere-Pennine Associates, please click here or visit our main corporate web site Delamere Group.





  • If you are interested in taking up a career in the Travel Industry, we recommend that you undertake the course "Travel and Tourism Certificate." This course is one of the best we have found available for International Qualifications. For more details click here
  • Globe Media for Expats - This service is a web publishing business with offices in London and Cape Town. They produce online destination information for travel agencies, travel portals, airlines and relocation companies worldwide. Click here.

  • Flight Attendants - If you are looking for a meaningful career in the field of being a flight attendant or other travel related jobs, visit our Employment page. Click here
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